Dress your Age: Style Tips for Men over 50

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Dress your age: style tips for men over 50

The chances are that if you are reading this article, chances are you are on the bright side of the fifties. No matter how old you are, dressing for your age or even knowing how to dress will always be difficult for men. But don’t be one of those guys who’s allowed his style to fall into the major fifties.

However, there is no pre-defined set of rules for how men should dress, but the style for older men compared to younger ones is quite different. Although you are younger at heart and want to wear those bomber jackets, leather jackets, tight t-shirts, etc., they are worth wearing at your older age. A big NO!

First and foremost, the key to dressing for men over 50 is to wear clothes that fit well. Clothes that flatter them make them look even more aged. So go through your existing ensemble and go for outfits that slip on easily; you just look good but are also comfortable no matter what occasion you are looking for.

Some style basics for our oldies:

Places of style, fashion fades. Rather than chasing flapping trends, men of growing age should stick to a general look that they are most comfortable with. For instance, in a pair of Blazer-Jeans, if you feel good, stick to it, don’t change it just because you’re growing.

In accessories, for a middle-aged guy, a subtly patterned tie is often fitting.

Lastly, white sneakers are never recommended for older people unless they go for a run, and for that, they may prefer some black and dark shades too.

Style not to do for our oldies:

Skinny Jeans:

No matter if you’re skinny, those skinny jeans should be ignored. You’re not a singer for Green Day; you’re going to end up looking dumb wearing those tight pants.

Logo / Graphic Printed T-Shirts:

Anything that is easily noticeable on your chest makes you look desperate after a certain age, say 50, so avoid it.


A big No for all the oldies.

Long hair:

If you are losing your hair, no hairstyle longer than inches is preferable.

Blue Jeans and Running Shoes:

This is my personal dislike. If you go for a run, wear running shoes, and wear adult shoes if you go to work.

Now we are going to see some style tips to look better in the 50s. Are here:

Keep your style color-blocked

It does not say that you should remove all the wardrobe colors, but use monotonous tones. Try to avoid bright acid colors and pastel hues, and go for classic shades like camel, light gray, navy blue, forest green, and deep red. If you have all gray hair, Then you’ll look fabulous wearing all the grey suits. For offices, this is the most recommended professional fashion.

Gift your cargo pants and shorts.

Most of you must be thinking that it is obvious, but it requires repetition, no charge, ever. Although they are comfortable and convenient, think of all those useful pockets, but not for you big dads.

Make white shirts your usual clothes.

Yes, in old age, anything in white can be stylish. You can wear a white t-shirt for any occasion, but make sure it is in perfect condition, that is, it is clean, ironed, and properly folded. Otherwise, It might look like you’re just getting out of bed. Trust me: it is not acceptable for a worthy old man at all.

Know the shape of your body and stick to a single tailor.

Some men are fortunate enough to effortlessly fit into store-bought suits, but the oldest of these men is very rare. So if you’re not one of those lucky ones, then do yourself a favor and get your baggy pants and suits looking properly folded and folded. Poorly fitting clothing is not good for you and will show your growing age. Wear clothes that fit well and dress like a billionaire.

Don’t put denim on denim.

When this is something that is always wanted for young hipsters, but for men over 50, it is a definite NO. Go for a casual button-down if you’re wearing jeans and wear a plain shirt on top. A combination of denim and chambray shirts with tan-brown chinos is always best for men over 50. Denim jackets with any shaded blue jeans should not be worn for any occasion.

Go for a real watch

It is not the age of a digital watch. However, you can wear a tracker when you are running or working out in a gym. A classic analog watch is a must for men who go into their downtime. This will look just as good with your casual wear as it does with your suit.

Never show too much chest

Accept it, the time has passed to show off your fit chest and man’s cleavage. It’s not that you can’t undo the first few buttons on your shirt when you’re on vacation, but Fabio doesn’t always inspire you. Don’t take your shirts off after the second button and never go for deep V-neck tops.

Mix patterns with suits.

You can always wear a striped print shirt with a tie and a small geometric print shirt under a well-sewn suit. But let’s be clear, don’t mix these men’s printed designer shirts with casual wear, leave them for the youngsters.

And finally, wear what makes you feel good.

This is the most important factor in achieving any look. If you feel great in bright colors, edgy prints don’t put you off, or neutral colors are your undertones, then you’re feeling dignified and sophisticated. Just keep what you love.

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