Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Advantages of Digital Marketing

1- Provision of information:

One of the main benefits that Digital Marketing presents you is its disposition in terms of information. And this is because both customers and the different users that may exist can make inquiries 24 hours a day. This to find out about any product or service of interest to them, and they can even choose to make the purchase online. For you and they are good, they have ease of purchase and information, and you do not have to make a lot of effort, sell more, and serve better.

2- It is totally commercial

This global marketing medium is, as its name implies, totally commercial. It can be said that it is one of the most commercial marketing that has existed until today. Of course, in line with the development of technology.

3- Digital marketing is versatile

On the other hand, Digital Marketing is versatile. This is because all users can observe the advertisements through any type of device or electronic medium. Either through TV, social networks, smartphones, among others.

4- Easy to identify

It is very easy to identify by everyone due to the wide range of colors with which it is presented at the design level, and thus it is impossible not to notice it since, thanks to the apps, it can be viewed on any Tablet or Smartphone.

5- Drive your company to expand

It plays a fundamental role as regards a company’s recognition; its expansion in the market is due to Digital Marketing. And not only at the national level but also at the international level. Thus achieving many growth probabilities, becoming practically infinite.

6- Save a little more

One point that you cannot miss when talking about digital marketing’s advantages and disadvantages is money. In case of the advantages, it allows a great opportunity to all the companies to save their finances. This is because traditional marketing requires more investment and less scope is assumed.

7- It is easy to distribute

It is very easy to distribute. In this situation, the simplicity of putting such ads on the network is referred to. And when it is there, it will endure. Therefore, it will be spreading so quickly that many will know your company or business in a matter of days.

8- Anyone can make use of digital marketing

Anyone can use and send this type of marketing, and this is a key and important point since all users can use this form of Marketing. If you have a mobile device and have profiles on social networks, from there, you can create advertising, and you would be immersing yourself in the world of marketing. Since when publishing the sale of a product or failing that so that they know your skills, there you are making use of this important tool. The best thing to do is, of course, to train in all digital marketing fields.

9- Improve the quality of what is offered to the customer

There is something that is inevitable. And it is that it allows certain levels of competitiveness to grow either between large or small companies. Since the same with just one Marketing campaign can bring endless benefits for them, which of course, the most benefited are consumers since they only expect the best offer and advertising.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

1-There are clients who do not have Internet access

The first one is that perhaps there are many people who do not have Internet access, which means that there is a certain limitation between advertising and a number of users, who, due to the lack of a medium, cannot know what is new. That’s why using the ideal medium is critical for you to know your target audience (potential clients).

2- Dependence on the Internet and it can fail!

Sometimes the Internet is often faulty. Therefore the user can present certain inconveniences and, therefore a very bad experience. It can cause him to move away or, failing that, a bad image of the company is created in him. That is why it is recommended to vary, that is, not only depending on the Internet. It is here where contact telephone numbers are made available to the public, among other viable means to go and request information.

3- Digital marketing does not escape being ignored.

In a way, as unheard of as it may sound, this marketing is often ignored. On the one hand, it is one of the most commercial marketing that can exist. But it is also ignored by many because there are many users who, instead of following the advertisement what they do, close it or, failing that, if it is on TV, they change the channel, which is disadvantageous for companies.

4- Unhappy for not having what they saw on the screen

Another disadvantage is that many users make purchases online. Which does not allow the physical knowledge of the product to be purchased? So many times, discontent is generated. It is not the same as what you see on the screen than what you get! It is for this reason (you should understand it too) that many businesses use the practice of product return. This as a way of guaranteeing its good image to consumers. Since the idea is not to scare them away, on the contrary, the highest percentage of possible customers should be captured.

5- Dissatisfaction with online advertising

In a way, it is usually the most criticized Marketing. Although this one is totally versatile. Because it is online, it receives opinions from all those who are immersed in that place, and there are a large number of users who have negative opinions about its operation, some products since there are many who say that advertising tends to affect the enjoyment of the proper use of electronic media.

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