7 Ways to change the world with Technology in Fashion

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Ways to change the world with Technology in Fashion

Technology changes the way societies work, communicate, and move. Now, can it also change the way the people who live in its dress? The latest rage on the catwalks and the world of design is to implement technology in clothing. It is a living and growing trend in perpetual evolution.

Before fashion existed as a concept, the human species dressed under an exclusively practical idea. At first, what was sought was not to die from frostbite or hypothermia. And after the subsequent development of societies, other factors entered the equation, such as modesty, social status, etc. However, over time this relationship has changed, to the point that clothing has become a sign of identity, an aesthetic statement that transcends pragmatism.

But what happens when technology makes way for fashion?

The textile industry is experiencing a paradigm shift. Or a return to the origins. Fashion embraces practicality again, thanks to technological improvements. Innovation in the sector has found new uses in clothing that can be combined with “mere decorative intent”.


When walking or performing certain movements, it is possible to produce electrical energy. What if it were applied to clothing? Many engineers have managed to power clocks, music players, and other devices, thanks to this idea. And now, it is the turn of fashion.

Work is currently underway on various prototypes to link kinetic technology and common shoes. The connection would allow charging a mobile phone battery while walking or playing sports. This is not a crazy idea. In fact, the first projects exploring this path are already in the window.


An element similar to the previous one, although still less experienced, is that of solar clothing. It is based on the same precept: garments that can help the user to produce energy to charge their devices. However, in this case, the source is not the body’s movement itself, but rather the user depends on the sun. The first solar clothing items are bikinis that allow you to charge your phone.


This experiment was carried out by Levi’s, and Google allows the interaction between a denim jacket and the mobile phone. Thanks to this union, the microfibers under the fabric allow incoming calls and guide the user with vibrations to reach a specific address (in dialogue, of course, with Google Maps).


Nike is committed to improving the lives of NBA coaches by applying sensors that collect information during training. It does this without the need for complicated cables. From now on, the boss of Pau Gasol will have unappeasable statistical data to check to what extent he gives everything or not in a training session.


Handicaps and disabilities are not out of fashion … or technology. The market is already open to garments to cover recent burns that, beyond their aesthetic effect, provide a pleasant and healing temperature. The same happens when it comes to combating a disability, with bracelets capable of adding certain weights to exercise the muscles.


Lovers of this Hindu relaxation technique are in luck. With the sweatpants, they can receive tactile vibrations. They will feel them in the hips, knees, and ankles to accompany their movements. Also for help with positions that are difficult to hold. It is possible to synchronize the pants with the phone to receive advice based on the recorded results.


The LED lighting and laser accessories can make a delight to the revelers. Designers as notorious as Wei-Chieh Shih are working, at least, to make it so. The youth target stands out, in this type of market, as a very powerful ally.

It is not just that the clothing emits lights, but that these could turn on or vary their brightness and intensity depending on external stimuli. The one that works the most today.

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