6 Great Trends in Decoration for 2020

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Trends in Decoration for 2020

The interest in sustainability and nature are two key aspects that define home trends in 2020.

Nature and sustainability will define the trends in decoration in 2020, as we have seen in the sector’s different fairs throughout 2019. Both issues are reflected in the rise of indoor plants in decoration and the interest in natural finishes and colors, in addition to the renewed prominence of materials such as rattan, bamboo, cane, or cork.

Technology will also shape the way we decorate the home. On the one hand, we seek to disconnect from mobiles and tablets using light, soft and relaxing colors; on the other, smart appliances and furniture have more and more room in the house. Here are some trends in decoration for 2020.

1. Open, large, black

Kitchens “The kitchen is a space that has more and more presence and prominence in the house. It is, increasingly, the meeting place for the whole family”. “In 2020, we will see many kitchens in anthracite and even black, both on the doors and on the countertops. To create contrast, the trend will be to incorporate accent elements in natural wood at some points.

2. Soft and warm colors in living areas

Daily stress and overexposure to technology are two concepts that will determine which colors will be a trend in the home. “In this sense, soft, warm, and earthy tones will prevail in home decoration in 2020”.

3. Wallpaper with plant motifs in the bedroom

Especially on the headboard wall, we will see how the wallpaper gains space, as corroborated by the most saved photos. In the bedrooms, “an eclectic aesthetic is also gaining strength in which there is no shortage of resounding strokes of color in accessories such as lamps, cushions, etc.”,

4. Bathrooms of blue color

As we have said before, sustainability and disconnection will define some of the trends in decoration in 2020. Thus, in the bathroom, blue tones with intense nuances gain prominence – it is symptomatic that Pantone has chosen Classic Blue as a color of the year – which are related to nature and respect for the environment; We will especially see them in the furniture.

5. Round furniture and Neofifty style

In general, the house’s furniture will tend towards round lines and a certain organicism in the forms inspired by the Neofifty aesthetic that has distilled many of the novelties and the stands of the great national and international publishers during the last two editions. We are talking about a retro decoration inspired by the 50s – perhaps suitable for those who enjoy a more daring and colorful decoration -, but with contemporary objects and furniture. “

6. Plants in small pots for the kitchen and living room

There is a clear tendency to decorate with plants, especially in small pots that require little maintenance, such as succulents. Especially in the living room or dining room, spaces that have more square meters, the success is in combining different sizes and types of plants.

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