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Millions and millions of people practice sports every day in the world. Children, adults, young people, outdoors or indoors, sport, in general, is a very healthy activity that entertains us, helps us find ourselves better, and leads to a better lifestyle.

Depending on the world’s area, the sports that are practiced may be more popular or more common, but there are many who do not understand locations and are spread throughout the planet Earth. Therefore, we tell you below, which are the 10 most practiced sports in the world.

What are the 10 most practiced sports in the world?

Surely some of them practice or have ever practiced. If you want to know what they are, we present the

10 most practiced sports in the world.

1. – Swimming (1,500 million practitioners)

As incredible as it may seem, swimming is the most practiced sport globally, with 1.5 billion people in the world. The pools around the world and the beaches for those who swim in open water are filled every day with swimmers to enjoy one of the most complete sports that exist in terms of the exercise that makes us perform.

2. – Soccer (1,002 million practitioners)

Soccer is possibly the most popular and followed sport globally, although it lags behind swimming despite exceeding 1,000 million practitioners in the world. The ball and the eleven players’ sport bring together more people to enjoy it on any surface, be it ground, natural grass, or artificial grass.

3. – Volleyball (998 million practitioners)

One of the best news we could have is seeing volleyball as one of the most practiced sports globally, with 998 million people. Both the track modality, with six players per team, and the always spectacular beach volleyball modality, is practiced by more and more people. In addition, work is being done to improve and expand this sport, and in recent years a spectacular new modality for winter has emerged in full growth, such as snow volleyball.

4. – Basketball (400 million practitioners)

The sport of the ball and the basket could not be absent from this list. Since it can be played with more people and is a sport that can be practiced throughout the year, they make it one of the most popular with more than 400 million practitioners worldwide. In addition, new modalities are emerging, such as the spectacular 3 × 3 baskets, where three players per team play to win the matches in a single basket.

5. – Tennis (300 million practitioners)

A classic sport that we have all practiced at some time. Some 300 million people are fond of the sport of racket on any of its surfaces: concrete, fast track, clay, grass … the wide range of options means that it can be practiced anywhere and at the time of year that one wants.

6. – Badminton (200 million practitioners)

Depending on the region of the world, it is more or less popular. In Asia and especially in its southeast region, it is a true mass phenomenon. It has become more popular in recent years with the appearance of Carolina Marín, who has already managed to be European and world champion and even won Olympic gold at the 2016 Rio Games.

7. – Baseball (60 million practitioners)

A somewhat unknown and little-practiced sport, but which is instead very popular in certain areas of the world. In the United States, it is known as the national ‘pastimes’. However, it is also a very important and deeply rooted sport in countries of the Caribbean, Central and South America, and places like Japan, where its league is one of the most powerful.

8. – Handball (18 million practitioners)

Handball is also a sport with many followers throughout the world. More popular and practiced in northern Europe, in countries such as Germany, France, and the Scandinavian countries, many practitioners also have many practitioners. In fact, the men’s team has managed to be world champion on two occasions, and the men’s and women’s teams have won the Olympic bronze in Beijing 2008 and London 2012, respectively.

9. – Hockey (3 million practitioners)

Whether on the grass, on the rink, on skates, or on ice, hockey is a very fun and popular sport around the world. Depending on its modality, it is more popular in one region of the world or another. For example, field hockey has a long tradition in the Netherlands and Belgium, while ice hockey is widely practiced in northern European countries, Canada, and the United States. The team has stood out above the rest in roller hockey, where it has been proclaimed up to 17 times champion of both the world and Europe.

10. – Rugby (2 million practitioners)

Despite the seriousness of some of its acts, it is one of the most full and noble sports. In some European countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Italy, and others in the Southern Hemisphere, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina, 2 million practitioners bet on the oval ball sport, which is very common. It can be played in its form of Rugby 15, Rugby 7 consisting of two teams of seven players on a normal field with two halves of seven minutes each, and in recent years beach rugby has become popular in summer.

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